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We are proud to offer the most well-rounded and diverse curriculum in the Southeast:

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Classical Ballet (Ages 6-Adult)

The Chambers Ballet Program is extremely noted for producing ballet dancers, both male and female. Our ballet students have utilized their Ballet training on Broadway, with professional ballet and dance companies, on scholarships to summer programs at prestigious ballet schools, and at colleges and universities. We highly recommend any student who is considering a professional dance career to take as many ballet classes as possible, as ballet is the foundation of most all forms of dance. We are honored to offer Vaganova and Cecchetti styles of Ballet. The Cecchetti technique has been developed from the teachings of the great ballet master Enrico Cecchetti by the Cecchetti Society. One notable emphasis in the Cecchetti syllabus is that the arms flow and blend from position to position more than any other technique. The Russian Vaganova technique is named after and derived from the teachings of Agrippina Vaganova, who was the artistic director of the Kirov Ballet for many years. Just one example of a difference from the Vaganova method, is that dancers bring attention to their hands as the hands do not flow invisibly from one position to the next as in the Cecchetti method, the hands will get left behind and turn at the last moment. The arabesques and arm positions differ in each style and we prepare our students and give them the knowledge of both techniques of ballet.

We stress proper placement of torso, hips, and legs without exceeding anatomical limitations. For our beginning students, emphasis is on the coordination of arms and head begin to develop with a concentration on smooth transitions throughout the exercises. Training at this level is designed to establish a basic foundation in ballet. Students develop practical skills, muscular self-control and basic coordination and expression.

More advanced Ballet Students will aim to develop strength and stability in the demonstration of the pirouettes, balance, control, extension, fluidity, and in petite and grand allegro. Suppleness and smooth graceful movements are developed in these levels along with the coordination of head, arms, legs, and body. For advanced students, the curriculum also includes classes in classical technique, repertoire studies, partnering, character dance, adagio studies, music, ballet history and body conditioning. This level concentrates on the mastery of more complex movements and combinations. The ongoing development of performance skills is stressed.

After several years of building technique, you may be asked by your instructor to begin Pointe. Pointe requires a solid technique before beginning Pointe work. Pointe requires a minimum of two technique classes per week, but more classes are highly suggested.


Tap (Ages 7-Adult)

The Chambers Tap Program is one of the strongest in the country, and our students have appeared in some of the biggest tap shows on Broadway. Tap is one of our most loved programs, and we invite you to be a part of it!

From the most basic levels, we strive to instill a solid foundation in tap by building strong foot and ankle skills and control. In each class we cover many styles of tap: rhythm tap, which is typically done in flat tap shoes and is a freer style; Broadway style tap, which is typically done in heeled tap shoes (for the ladies) and utilizes distinct styles depending upon the era which is focused on. Steps such as stomps, step heels, flaps, shuffles, peri-diddles, maxi-fords, cramp rolls, and time steps will be strengthened in the beginning levels. In our faster classes, intricate syncopation, rhythms, technique, flash steps, tap turns, improvisation, and various styles will be the focus. No matter your tap level-we have a class for you!



Musical Theatre (Ages 6-Adult)

So you want to be on Broadway? The Chambers Musical Theatre Program can get you on your way. We are honored to offer one of the most respected programs in the country, with many former students appearing on Broadway. This class is your first step to becoming a triple threat performer: unparalleled actors, singers, and dancers!

Musical theatre classes bring the exciting world of Broadway to life. You will focus on scenes, songs, and choreography from musicals old and new. Topics learned will include: bringing characterization to a song and choreography, defining a character, vocal techniques, and mastering the various musical theatre techniques and styles.

In the beginning levels, technique and style will be introduced with steps such as bevels, camel walks, pirouettes, and extensions. In the more advanced levels, various styles, advanced technique, turns, extensions, jumps, and vocal performance will be the focus. Musical theatre technique will also focus on working in a heeled character shoe (all heel heights of shoes need prior approval), and on a strong ballet foundation. Both ensemble and solo performance work will be fostered and encouraged. Learn audition techniques and a variety of repertoire.

**All Musical Theatre students in Levels III-IV and higher are required to to take at least two weekly ballet classes and audition for an acting role in the Annual Concert in May. 


Jazz (Ages 7-Adult)

Chambers has an excellent Jazz Program where we offer three styles of Jazz. Our former students have utilized their jazz training on Broadway, with professional dance companies, and at colleges and universities. Jazz today is utilized everywhere in the Musical Theatre, commercial, concert, and entertainment industries. Students will learn techniques and styles which will focus on developing a very strong ballet foundation. Warm-up will consist of exercises and combinations to develop flexibility, strength, coordination, and endurance.

For the beginning students, emphasis will be placed on technique, proper placement for extensions, pirouettes, and style. For the more advanced student, centre work is more difficult and progressions will travel across the floor where you will work on extensions, layouts, jumps, advanced turns, flash and trick steps, and fostering the various dynamics that need to be accomplished in jazz.


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Contemporary (Ages 7-Adult)

The Chambers Contemporary Program has fostered many great dancers and performers since its inception. Many former Chambers students have utilized their Contemporary training on Broadway, with professional dance companies, and at colleges and universities. Like all forms of Jazz, Contemporary is grounded with a solid ballet foundation. Contemporary Jazz will explore the various great masters and styles such as Horton, Alexander, and Graham techniques. The classes will focus on strong placement and alignment while balancing lyricism, fluidity, and dynamic athleticism. Centre work will build strength, extension, stamina, endurance, coordination, and flexibility.

For the beginning student, emphasis is placed on proper technique, allowing for personal expression with musicality. For the more advanced student, more difficult laterals, angular turns, extensive floorwork, various turns, and extensions will challenge you. The emphasis will continue to be placed on the weight of the body, its relationship to space and gravity, while at the same time expressing musicality and style.



Lyrical (Ages 6-Adult)

The Lyrical Program at Chambers is fantastic. We are honored to produce students who utilize their Lyrical training on Broadway, in the entertainment and commercial industries, performing for professional dance companies, and in colleges and universities.

Lyrical, like most all forms of dance, is grounded by an extremely strong ballet foundation. Although lyrical is stereotypically performed to music that is slow or downbeat, melodic and sweet-sounding, it is a very broad form of dance which includes many dynamic, fast-paced and sometimes fast pieces. Lyrical classes challenge students to use technique along with their acting ability to interpret music and express emotion. Emphasis will be placed on connecting a student’s movements and emotions, in an attempt to show the meaning of the music. Lyrical jazz is a very passionate and emotional dance style which tells a story through every movement made.

For the beginning student, lyrical classes will focus on building expressive, subtle and dynamic emotion combined with a solid ballet technique. For the more advanced dancer, the focus will be on much more advanced and intricate technique such as turns, fouettes, jumps, extensions, at the same time connecting to your emotion. Again, a solid ballet technique is an essential component of this advanced style of Jazz.


Hip Hop (Ages 6-Adult)

Chambers Hip-Hop is one of our most popular programs! Former students have utilized their Hip-Hop training to appear on television, commercials, films, and with major recording artists! Hip-Hop originated as a free form of street dance, and each choreographer carries their own distinct style. Hip-Hop allows classes allow students to explore the vast world of hip-hop while enjoying age appropriate technique, styles, and music. Students love the rhythms, syncopated movements, and choreography which includes floorwork and centre work. All classes are high-energy and students love dancing to their favorite popular songs.

Beginning students have a passion for developing and learning the latest steps and choreography. Everyone loves bringing their personality and attitude to the movement. Hip-hop explores accenting the body with the music and also allows work on improv skills. A basic introduction to popping, locking, breaking, house, and fusion styles will keep your interested and excited to come to class. Cardio stamina is also improved in this fast paced class. For the more advanced student, different styles will be explored and more intricate floorwork and choreography, including trick steps, will be covered.


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