The Schools - Dress Requirements

Girls' hair should be worn off the face either secured in a ballet braid/bun for classical or in a ponytail for all other classes. Boys' hair should be neatly combed for all classes. Shoes should be appropriate with elastics/ribbons sewn properly. No necklaces, bracelets, or jewlery (small earrings are allowed) are to be worn in class. Chewing gum is not allowed in the studio. No t-shirts or sweats are allowed in any class. Dancers must wear a cover-up to and from the studio. Do not wear dance shoes on the street, only in the classrooms.

All CPA classes have required uniforms that students must wear to class each week. For uniform requirements, please download the packet below. Let us know if you have any questions at 

To download our 2019-2020  Required Dresswear Requirements: CLICK HERE


Please note: the required Hip Hop Harem pant is being discontinued. You can still order them on CC for Class: go to Bodywear/Clearance and then add to your cart. Thanks!




"We recently moved here from Ohio and before we moved we asked our studio in Ohio if they had suggestions on where to send our daughter (age 7) to continue with her dance lessons and they told us to check out Susan Chambers. Our first week in Atlanta we visited Chambers and liked what we saw and our daughter picked right up where she left off.

Chambers Performing Arts has top notch dance teachers and the small class sizes allow them to focus on each individual child. My daughter loves going to dance each week and has blossomed as a dancer while here."

Jennifer, Current Parent of
Children's Division Student Morgan





Chambers Performing Arts
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