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The Trial of Mother Goose Backstage Tour

The Susan Chambers Dance Company is excited to offer a special backstage "behind the scenes" tour for field trip groups attending the daytime school performances! Don't miss this unique opportunity to see how a theatrical production comes to life!

This special offer allows your group to stay after the show and come backstage for a personal guided tour by the Director. Meet the actors and dancers, see how the sets are made, learn about lighting, costuming, and many other technical aspects of the show.

The tour is available following the second daily show of the February school performances of "The Trial of Mother Goose". This exciting and educational tour is available for an additional charge of $1.00 per ticket-holder.

Advance reservations are required, and group size is limited. Request the "Backstage Tour" when placing your order for your group. For more information and to book your backstage group, please send an email to our school coordinator.


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