The Company - Board of Directors

The Executive Board and Board of Directors of the not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) Susan Chambers Dance Company functions to provide ways and means to meet the annual budget, and are all volunteer positions. The time that each Executive Board member dedicates to the success of SCDC is upwards of hundreds per season. We are also comprised of several committees which outlay targeted plans written by the Executive Board to assist in meeting the annual budget. The Executive Board and other Board members play a huge role in the Annual golf and tennis tournament, along with many other annual fundraising events, that members can take advantage to offset their obligations to SCDC.

The Executive Board:
Susan Chambers, Chairman of the Board
Jana Macon, President
Paige Chambers Rutsche, Vice President
Brooke Card, Secretary/ Treasurer

The Board of Directors is comprised of the Executive Board and Board members who meet on a monthly basis, and are guided by the by-laws of SCDC, a not-for-profit organization.  Board meetings are open to the general SCDC membership for observance. We are grateful to a highly dedicated and motivated board who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from their vast careers in corporate management, politics, technology, medicine, accounting, and the law to all members of SCDC.


Chambers Performing Arts
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