Studio History

Paige and Susan Chambers

Susan Chambers founded The Susan Chambers School of Theatre Dance in 1980 and has produced some of the top talent in performing arts in the country, encompassing all forms of performing arts. In 2010, she re-named her schools Chambers Performing Arts (CPA), when her daughter Paige returned home from Broadway and joined her at CPA. CPA Alumni are on Broadway, with the Radio City Rockettes, on National Tours, performing with the nation's top dance companies and at top conservatories/universities in the world, and choreographing and teaching all over the country. 

Paige is a proud SCDC and CPA Alumni, former Broadway performer, Radio City Rockette (NYC), Ivy League graduate in Political Science and Economics, and talent agency owner. She is honored to carry-on the legacy.


"We all want our children to be prepared for the future. The arts are truly a school of life, teaching the values of hard work, humility, humanity, and perseverance. CPA provides much more than training and performances-we allow a truly unique experience that allows each performer to develop and harness their own true worth."

-Paige Chambers, Alumni and Instructor at CPA