Student Division


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Student Division Program: Level I-II, II

The Student Division Program at CPA meets all students (ages 7 and up) where they are in their performing arts journey. A student may be attending a class for the first time or for the hundredth-time, for fun and fitness, or with goals of becoming a professional in the world of performing arts. Maybe they would like to build confidence when speaking in front of others, or have a goal of being on pointe one day! No matter your goal, we are here to help you get there!

Student division






Student Division Program: Level II-III, III, and Teen/Adult

As students progress into our II-III and III levels, their focus and growth progress as well. Most all Level II-III and III classes have additional class requirements and are by instructor approval only. If you are new to CPA, we will provide an evaluation at no cost to you to help you find the right fit. Our Teen/Adult classes have no additional requirements, but do perform in our Spring Shows. Students at CPA in Level II-III take an average of 8 hours per week, Level III, an average of 10 hours per week.