Dresswear Requirements



Like all professional performing arts schools, Chambers Performing Arts also has a required dress code/required uniform that students must wear to class each week.


 Please DO NOT purchase any dancewear/shoes until you are already registered. If this is your first class at Chambers, please dress in comfortable clothes that you can move in, with your hair secured off of your face and in tennis shoes or bare feet. Socks are not permitted to be worn on our specialized floors. 

Let us know if you have any questions at hello@chambersperformingarts.com.



Girls' hair should be worn off the face with no bangs, either secured in a ballet braid/bun for classical ballet classes or in a ponytail for all other classes.

For assistance on how to do a ballet bun, please watch the video to the right.


Boys' hair should be neatly combed and out of their eyes for all classes.



Care of Dance Shoes:
Dance shoes should be taken care of with elastics/ribbons sewn properly.

For assistance on how to sew ballet shoe elastic, please watch the video to the right.


General Reminders:
No necklaces, bracelets, or jewelry (small earrings are allowed) are to be worn in class. T-shirts are only allowed Hip Hop classes.

Dancers must wear a cover-up to and from the studio over their dancewear while entering and exiting the studio. Do not wear dance shoes on the street, only in the classrooms.


For Females:
All Musical Theatre shoes must have rubber put on the bottom of their shoes, on the ball and the heel of the shoe. Make sure that the rubber is the same color as the shoe. For example, if it is a black musical theatre shoe, then the rubber should be black. If the shoe is a caramel color, then the rubber should be caramel. You must take your musical theatre heels to a cobbler or shoe repair store for them to put rubber on your shoes. Musical theatre students may take class in bare feet or in other dance shoes while they are waiting for rubber to be placed on their shoes.