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CPA is proud to be the first Acrobatic Arts (AA) certified and licensed studio in Johns Creek/Alpharetta for students ages 2.0-4.0 for AcroDance PreSchool classes and Acrobatic Arts Classes for ages 5.0-18+. All dancers enrolled in AcroDance classes (ages 7.0+) must also be concurrently enrolled in an appropriate level ballet class at CPA.

AcroDanceWhat is AcroDance?
AcroDance is the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. AcroDance is not the same as gymnastics. An AcroDancer must complete all of the skills on the hard stage without the advantage of a sprung floor, while seamlessly integrating musicality, emotional expression, control and line. The sprung floor allows the gymnast to complete much more difficult tumbling when compared to what is recommended in AcroDance. Skills taught in AcroDance might look the same as gymnastics, but they are taught differently to compensate for the conditions. graded curriculum for acrobatic dance designed to promote excellence in flexibility, strength, limbering, tumbling, balance, basic contortion, and partner/group stunting for dancers.

Here's a great example of an advanced AcroDancer

Why Acrobatic Arts? It’s the industry standard.

Acrobatic Arts is a professional, progressional based syllabus program for teaching AcroDance. Thoughtful professions and structured levels reduces the potential for injury, creates more technically correct work, and allows dancers to progress to the next level only when they are ready for it. Take an AcroDance class for fun, fitness, or to meet professional goals!

AcroDance classes are lots of fun! See what one looks like in the video below!



Are exams required to be enrolled in AcroDance at CPA?

Yes, all students enrolled in AcroDance at CPA must take part in licensed exams, which are designed to motivate dancers with achievable goals and to ensure that the dancer is mastering each skill before progressing to the next level. Certified Acrobatic Arts examiners will come to CPA to give exams and are also able to give exams online during COVID-19. Your AcroDance instructor will ensure that you are ready to take exams.

What can I expect at an Acrobatic Arts exam? Encouragement and support!

Examiners evaluate dancers against a set universal standard, allowing dancers and teachers to see where the dancer stands globally. During the exam, students can expect a class setting with the examiner directing the class and making notes throughout. Required elements will be critiqued and scored by the examiner. The exam will be graded ‘Superior’, ‘Excellent’, ‘Highly Commended”, ‘Commended’, ‘Pass’ or ‘Retry’ based on the scores achieved for each element as well as grooming and attitude. Students who complete the level they are being tested for will receive a certificate to commemorate their achievement. Students who receive a grade of ‘Superior’ will also receive a custom Acrobatic Arts medal. All students will receive a report card complementing areas of excellence and suggesting areas for improvement.

Examiners meet with the teachers following exams to offer assistance in creating the best possible acro program for the studio. This process is intended to raise the level of technical excellence for both the student and the teacher. Only certified Acrobatic Arts Teachers can enter their students in exams.

What are the fees for AcroDance exams?

2020-2021 Fees for exams are as follows:
Levels 1-4: $100 plus tax
Levels 5-8: $120 plus tax
Pre Professional: $200 plus tax

Certified Acrobatic Arts examiners will travel to CPA to run and execute exams.
All fees above also include the cost of a mock exam to prepare for the exam day.
Exams may occur more than once per season, and your Instructor will alert you when you are ready to take an exam in your level. Typically, exams are done annually.


Are CPA Acrobatic Arts students required to rent their "level" on the My Acro App each year?

Yes. All CPA Acrobatic Arts students are required to rent their "level" (determined by the instructor) each year at CPA for $20 annually. If you are moved up within a season, you will not be charged again. This is an annual rental fee. To download the My Acro App, go to the App Store or the Google Play Store. Once you download the app and open it, click on the Acrobatic Arts logo on the bottom right (letter A with a dancer on top of the A) and that will take you to the Help section. Click Email My Device ID to my Teacher and then enter our email address of Once we receive your Device ID, we will send all info to your device. 

What levels are in AcroDance and what training is recommended to progress safely?

Reminder: From age 7+, all AcroDance students must also take a weekly ballet class at CPA. These are general guidelines. A dancer may be new to AcroDance at age 16, but will need to master all skills at the earlier levels.

Acrobatic artsHow do you place students in levels for AcroDance?

All students will be individually evaluated and placed into level by ability by a certified Acrobatic Arts instructor.

Placement is based on:

      • Maturity
      • Cardio
      • Strength
      • Limbering
      • Tumbling
      • Flexibility
      • Balance

How many weekly classes should a student take in order to progress in AcroDance?

The following are general guidelines, and students may fall inside or outside of the following ranges:

General Age Estimates and Training Estimates (based on hours per week):

PrimaryAges 4-645 minutes AcroDanceNo Additional Classes Required
Level IAges 4-71 Hour AcroDanceNo Additional Classes Required
Level 2Ages 5-7+1 Hour AcroDance1 additional hour dance
Level 3Ages 7-8+1 Hour AcroDance2 additional hours dance
Level 4Ages 9-10+1 Hour AcroDance2-4 additional hours dance
Level 5Ages 10-12+2 Hours AcroDance2-4 additional hours dance
Level 6Ages 11-14+2 Hours AcroDance3-5 additional hours dance
Level 7Ages 12-16+2 Hours AcroDance3-6 additional hours dance
Level 8Ages 12-18+ 2 Hours AcroDance5-7 additional hours dance
Pre Pro 1Ages 14+3 Hours AcroDance8+ additional hours dance
Pre Pro 2Ages 15+3 Hours AcroDance8+ additional hours dance
Pre Pro 3Ages 16+3 Hours AcroDance8+ additional hours dance


What attire/hair is required for AcroDance classes and AcroDance exams?

Females: Required AcroDance Leotard, shorts, and footless tights that match your skin color. Low bun or french braid. No bangs.
Males: Required AcroDance fitted shirt and shorts. Hair cleanly styled off face.


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