Chambers Performing Arts - Frequently Asked Questions
How do we place students in class levels?

We have trained over 10,000 students since 1980, and we take great pride in class placement for each individual student. Class placement is unique to each student, and involves a variety of factors, such as:

  • Individual Maturity Level
  • Focus
  • Technical Abilities and Potential
  • Physical Body Facility
  • Personal Attitude
  • Growth
  • Work Ethic

If you are new to Chambers Performing Arts, the Director will assist placing you in an appropriate level class. Class Placement may be adjusted during the first three weeks of a new season, depending on need.

Do you require a dress code?

Yes. There are dress codes in life for everything you do, and it also applies to training for performing arts. Would you step on a football field without a helmet or an ice rink without ice skates?

Performing arts is a discipline and also requires certain items to be successful, safe, and to ensure the utmost concentration in class. Proper hair, leotards and tights (for female students), t-shirts and black jazz pants or tights (for male students), and proper shoes ensure the safety of your student, and allow for all instructors to make the proper corrections to placement.

The following reminders are to be kept by all Chambers Performing Arts students:

  • Attire should be kept clean and neat. Holes and frayed edges must be mended. 
  • Warm-up attire may not be worn during class. No t-shirts in class (except Hip Hop).
  • Long hair should be pulled up securely, a neat bun is required for ballet or a ponytail with no bangs for other classes.
  • Watches, jewelry and safety pins should not be worn into the studio. 
  • Dance shoes should never be worn outside the building.
  • Musical Theatre shoes must have rubber on soles and heels or student will be asked to observe class.
  • No socks worn as shoes in class.

Click here for dresswear requirements.

How do Pre-Professional students continue their education with such a rigorous schedule?

95% of students in the program are able to continue in “traditional” education and come straight to the studios to begin their training after a full day of academics. They also take Advanced Placement classes, and some can begin gaining college credit as high school seniors. Other students choose to attend:

  • Laurel Springs (Distance Learning Program for K-12)
  • University of Nebraska – Lincoln Independent Study High School (Distance Learning Program)
  • Indiana University High School (Distance Learning Program)
  • K12 (Distance Learning Program)

What payments do you require at time of registration?

We require your Registration Fee, your first payment of the 10-pay plan (or payment in full if you are paying full season) and your Production Fee at the time of registration. We allow you to enjoy one week of trial classes at Chambers to make sure we are a good fit for you. 

Do I pay tuition for the months with holidays (e.g. Winter Holidays such as Yom Kippur and Christmas)?

No. The tuition calendar is based on 35 weeks of classes from August through May. Holidays (such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving Week, December Holiday Closing, MLK Holiday, Winter Break, and Spring Break) are not included in those 35 weeks. Some months there may be 5 classes and other months there may be fewer—but we do not overcharge or undercharge you depending on the month. Again, tuition is based on 35 weeks of classes. As a courtesy, we also allow for unlimited make up classes throughout the entire season.

Why do you allow for unlimited make up classes at no charge throughout the season?

At Chambers Performing Arts, training followed by performance is our main focus for you-the student. So if you miss a class due to illness, school functions, or other reasons- we highly encourage you to make up the class so that your technique continues to progress. We are one of the few performing arts schools in the country who allow you to utilize:

  • Unlimited Make Up Classes in any form of performing arts in your level
  • Non-scheduled make up classes- you can drop in any time that is convenient for you
  • Unlimited time frame to make up missed classes throughout the entire season
I am considering Chambers Performing Arts, can I try a free class?

Absolutely. At Chambers Performing Arts we offer FREE trial classes in each form of performing arts for the opening weeks of each new season.  You can take up to one week of FREE, unlimited classes until September 1 of each season. You will register as a TRIAL student online. You can take a class in every form of performing arts until you find your perfect fit.

We know that choosing a performing arts school can be daunting, but we are very proud of our programs--so come in to one of our locations today to experience the professional difference yourself.

Can I observe class?

Yes, only during Parent Observation Week. This is an opportunity to experience your student’s class from start to finish, which encompasses warm-up, progressions, combinations, and centre work. Please do your best to leave siblings at home so that you can focus on your student in class. If you must bring siblings, they must be able to sit very quietly and unobtrusively throughout the entire class. An Instructor may ask you to remove your sibling if they get uncomfortable and disturb the class. Parents may not observe class at other times, as it is a distraction to the students. Cameras and video equipment are permitted in the studios during observations, but content may not be placed anywhere online such as Facebook, Twitter, or any public web site. We do not have viewing windows in any studio-the same standards of the most professional schools in the United States (such as Joffrey Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet Schools). The following are times when parents are permitted to observe classes:

  • Parent Observation Week
There are some classes which have additional requirements, is my student required to take them all?

There are many upper level classes which have additional requirements which are mandatory in order for our students to take. For example, if you are in Level IV ballet classes- you must take a minimum of three weekly Level IV ballet classes. This is to physically comprehend and maintain the intense pre-professional syllabus that is taught throughout. Also, if you are en pointe, you must take a minimum of two technique classes per week. Most students en pointe take 4-5 technique classes per week in addition to other forms of performing arts. Ballet is always suggested, but not required, for every student no matter what classes you attend.

What performance opportunities are available at Chambers Performing Arts?

Every student of Chambers Performing Arts has the opportunity to perform in our Annual Shows in May at the end of each season. Any student can also audition for an acting or vocal part in the shows, as well-not only our acting students. All ages, levels, and forms of performing arts at Chambers come together to forge an incredible and originally written production each season. We only perform at the best professional theatres in the area-never at high schools or churches, in state-of-the-art theatres which are nicer than some Broadway theatres. 99.9% of all students participate in our shows, so please mark your calendars early so you do not miss out on this fabulous experience-the culmination of the year’s training: the performance.

How can I submit comments, concerns, or testimonials about Chambers Performing Arts?

We welcome all of your feedback at Chambers Performing Arts and there are several ways for you to let us know how we are serving your needs:

We would love to hear from you and sincerely thank you for your testimonial or feedback.

Do you have alumni who have become professionals?

Yes, several, varying in age and fields. Our youngest working professional alumni is our ten year old student, Ethan who was the youngest hire ever in Billy Elliot, where he was a co-star. We have trained 4 Radio City Rockettes, Broadway performers, dance company members, choreographers, and studio owners. No matter your age or dream, Chambers diverse curriculum and unparalleled staff can get you there. Visit our Alumni Page for more information.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask via phone, email, or in person. For more about our schools, please visit our Why Choose Us page. We look forward to seeing you in our schools.


“My training at Chambers was the only reason I was able to perform in so many diverse shows on Broadway from the understudy in Broadway’s biggest show, The Producers, to technically heavy dance shows (Cats) to tap heavy favorites (Radio City Rockettes and 42nd Street). Today you must be a true triple threat, but also have the ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop technique to go along with a fabulous voice and acting skills. I am forever grateful to all staff members of Chambers and have been in some of the biggest shows on Broadway due my training and preparation from Chambers.”

Paige, Former Chambers Alum and Broadway Performer


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